Benefits of Baking Profiling Improves product consistency, minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption and cost, facilitates process reproducibility, enables minimization of ingredients, and increases line profitability. As enzymes continue to evolve, extending shelf life and enhancing the baker’s ability to achieve market driven demand for low-carb goods, profiling allows the baker to achieve highest quality results in an increasingly demanding baking environment.images-6 images-7

6 Channel BakeWATCH® For Bakers

The portable, programmable BakeWATCH® Profiling Kit offers a method to measure, record, and document both baked goods and oven temperature variations in Traveling Tray, Tunnel, Conveyorized or Rack ovens in an easy- to-transport configuration.

Oven Balancing:

The SuperMOLE Gold 2 profiler, housed in a stainless steel enclosure, travels with up to 6 thermocouple sensors clipped to pans across the belt. This oven ambient data captures a picture of the oven’s performance in the thermal profile. Temperature differences left to right and cold and hot spots along the oven are quickly identified, pinpointing needed maintenance adjustments that will improve product yields and throughput.

Baked Goods Optimization:

Leveraging the product-level thermal knowledge, each product’s profile can then be optimized. Inserting BakeWATCH temperature sensors directly into the dough with signature S-Curve data which is essential to controlling an optimum bake. Entry, Exit, Average, Yeast Kill and Gelatinization temperatures as well as % Bake Time to Arrival temperature are all calculated and displayed for product improvement and benchmarking.

With a BakeWATCH system, ovens can be tamed and lateral balance tuned.  Actual product temperature comparisons to zone settings are provided. That correlation can be fed into the software’s virtual thermal model to predict the ideal oven settings for the best product profile. With BakeWATCH, baked good Quality, Yield, Throughput and Profits are in your control.

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3 Channel BakeWATCH® for Rack Ovens

The portable, programmable 3 Channel Rack Oven BakeWATCH® Profiling Kit offers a method to measure, record, and document both baked goods and oven temperature variations in your conveyorized ovens in an easy- to-transport configuration, eliminating long cables or wires. 3-Channel BakeWATCH® Rack Ovens V-M.O.L.E.® Kit is a perfect Solution for Retail & In-Store Bakers’ ovens and proofer profiling for higher yields and quality assurance
Rack Oven Profiling:
  • Balance your rack and deck ovens simply (high-mid-low) and efficiently
  • Replace opinions with facts
  • Pinpoint problem areas immediately
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Achieve optimum yield across all work shifts
Product Profiling:
  • Each of your varieties bake with consistent quality regardless of position in the oven
  • Yield and throughput capacity are enhanced
  • Desired product characteristics such as oven spring, crust color and fully developed structure are repeatably achieved
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Utilizing patented ECD OvenRIDER technology, OvenBLANCER travels through your tunnel or rotating rack oven with 3 magnetically attached Sensor Panels collecting data in a 6-channel SuperMOLE Gold 2 thermal profiler for analysis and SPC charting.  Use OvenBALANCER to confirm peak baking efficiency by collecting data to detect “out of specification” conditions before yields are affected.                                                                                                       Benefits:
  • Verify oven balance without inserting thermocouples
  • Validate zone temperatures and convective heat efficiency balance
  • Statistical Process Control empowers detection prior to yield reduction
  • Discourage random machine setting changes by standardizing data-based optimal settings.
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Breadometer® solves the problem of randomly placed thermocouples for baked goods thermal profiling  in a unique, patented one-piece probe designed to reliably find the coldest area in the baked good (the latest to arrive at baking temperature) in a consistent way, no matter who is using it.

For Bake Cycle Perfection Every Time

Finding the portion of the baked good that takes the longest to reach specified bake temperature (Arrival Time) becomes a slow and iterative process by a bakery engineer skilled in such instrumentation.  This is especially true for yeast breads due to oven spring, which randomly alters the vertical location of individually inserted thermocouple sensors.   But with the new Breadometer®, a single probe insertion is all that’s required to perfectly profile baked product.  It’s quick and simple — any employee can perform the task without interrupting production.  This means production quality initiatives will be realized faster with trusted bake cycle data that will deliver greater success.

Breadometer® locates 5 thermocouples into the dough, while the 6th channel remains outside to measure oven zone temperature performance along the conveyor or shelf.  The end of the stainless steel shaft cleaves into the dough for a clean insertion, while the stop disk up top sets a repeatable depth. MAP software extracts the data channel situated at a depth that took the longest to reach temperature (highest Arrival Time %) and uses it to automatically calculate and report signature S-Curve data, which is relevant to controlling an optimum bake.  This built-in template is a huge time saver as compared to manually calculating Entry, Exit, Average, Yeast Kill and Gelatinization temperatures as well as % Bake Time to Arrival.  Breadometer® is the rapid introduction of new products, counter commodity volatility and improvement product performance and benchmarking.

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Add an rH channel to your M.O.L.E.® and accurately track humidity and temperature levels for proper Proofer set-up and performance.

Control Humidity for the perfect bake

The VaporWATCH® Relative Humidity Sensor allows you to perfect your proofing process and improve your production yields. Accurately track humidity and temperature levels and view easy to read profile graphs generated via ECD’s SuperM.O.L.E.® Gold 2 Profiling System. This system is used worldwide by large and small industrial bakeries to monitor equipment, increase production levels, and reduce waste.

  • Reliable, Accurate, and Easy to Use
  • Convenient – Quick Download
  • M.O.L.E.MAPSoftware Included

This handy sensor comes in an attractive carrying case with our new baking software, cable and charging power supply.

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MiniM.O.L.E.® rH

Easy and affordable solution to monitor proof box, flour, dough and cooling room conditions

The Intelligent Logger

The MiniM.O.L.E.® rH is an easy and affordable solution to monitor proof box, flour, dough and cooling room conditions:

  • Records Time, Temperature and Humidity
  • Large LCD display is easily read from a distance
  • Logged data saves to MAP software – the common BakeWATCH® platform
  • 0.1° C resolution provides an informative advantage
Highest reading of humidity sensor after logging has ended, upper alarm specification was exceeded,and battery is low.
MiniMOLE LCD Display 1
Logger armed for timer start (internal sensor activated)
 MiniMOLE LCD Display 2
Average reading of External sensor (in degrees Celsius)
 MiniMOLE LCD Display 3
Time the internal sensor spent under lower alarm specification at the end of the logging cycle
 MiniMOLE LCD Display 4

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