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With greater experience than any single competitor, Vogt Ice has the capability to deliver automatic ice production solutions. Whether your output is 1 or 125 tons per day, Vogt can provide the engineered solutions to exceed your expectations for service, quality and long-lasting ice manufacturing.

Choose from the chart below what quantity and type of ice you require, then open the Spec sheet to see details on the machine that will produce it.

  Machine Model Ice Type Pounds per 24 Hours Refrigeration Type
VT 100 Series Cracked 9,600 404a
HFO 10 Tube 20,000 HFO Blend (R513A)
HES Series Tube 2,000 – 4,000 404a
P112 Series Tube 6,000 404a
P118 Series Tube 10,000 404a
P18XT Series Tube 20,000 404a
P18AL Series Tube 20,000 Ammonia
P24AL Series Tube 50,000 Ammonia
P24A/F Series Tube 50,000 Ammonia / 404
P24FL Series Tube 50,000 404a
P34AL Series Tube 100,000 Ammonia
P34A/F Series Tube 100,000 Ammonia / 404a
P34FL Series Tube 100,000 404a
P34AXL Series Tube 160,000 Ammonia
P34FXL Series Tube 160,000 404a
Modular Fragmented 50,000 – 500,000 Ammonia / 404a