Equipment Upgrades – Southeast Cooler

Southeast Cooler

Southeast Cooler manufactures premium walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, and combination coolers at competitive prices. These walk in cooler installations are used for all types of cold storage and display applications. Over the past 29 years the organization has continued to develop several new product lines and expand its manufacturing capabilities, including the manufacture of enclosures for rack proofers . Throughout the years the company has consistently grown from being a small regional manufacturer to a global provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. Encompassing three main buildings the manufacturing facility has grown to over 140,000 feet. The organization now employs more than 100 dedicated and skilled professionals.

By investing in its people and advanced manufacturing equipment, the company has become vertically integrated and more cost efficient. Superior products and total customer satisfaction are our goals. Every step of our design, manufacturing and testing processes contains an intense focus upon true quality control.

Templex Proofer Enclosure

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are assembled using prefabricated modular panels. These panels consist of a metal clad expanded polystyrene or urethane insulation. They are designed for fast and easy field assembly with convenient disassembly for relocation or enlargement.

Panels are available in 4” and 6” thickness. Full width panels are 47” wide, with narrow panels in various widths as required. Enclosure sections can be constructed in any size to accommodate actual customer requirements. One piece panels are available in lengths up to 32’ feet.

The wall panels are joined together by cam-lock fasteners that are embedded into the profiled panel edges. The cam-locks consist of a locking arm mounted on a rotating cam anchored in the tongue edge and a steel pin that is anchored in the groove edge. By rotating the locking arm with a hex wrench, the arm engages over the pin, and the rota- tion of the cam draws both panels tightly together. The cam-locks are rotated from inside the walk-in through access ports which are subsequently sealed with vinyl snap-in caps.

Freezer Enclosure

The panels consist of formed metal skins laminated to the insulation under pressure with a structural adhesive. Insulation is either expanded polystyrene or urethane. This process is carefully monitored to assure a high-quality structural bond that withstands a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions.

All panels have tongue and groove edges to facilitate assembly and provide a tight, well insulated panel joint. Flexible vinyl gaskets are permanently bonded on the tongue side of all panels. These gaskets are resistant to water, detergent, oil, fats and sunlight.

S E Cooler Enclosure
Floor panels are constructed with 16 gauge galvanized steel or optional .080 aluminum interior skin. The floors are reinforced to withstand uniformly distributed loads up to 600 pounds per square foot. When using mobile carts or dollies we recommend aluminum tread plate or heavy 10 gauge galvanized steel floors.